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MACS Supporters’ Day 2023

was held on Saturday September 23rd 

To see the Chairman's Report, an interview with 

Grafuid (our Malawi representative)  and

the Annual Report click here

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Malawi Association for Christian Support


MACS  has been working in Malawi since 1993.  This lovely land is among the poorest ten countries in the world.  We work in partnership with local people on education, health and community projects in the rural areas, where the needs are greatest. People in the community work hard to contribute locally available materials.


Cyclone Freddy funds update


A huge thank you to everyone who responded so generously to our appeal for help in the wake of Cyclone Freddy.   MACS allocated £2500 towards this and eventually we were able to send a  total of £14 608 to the Anglican Council of Malawi to help with the reconstruction work they are involved in.   The MACS Trustees’ May Trip offered a first-hand opportunity to see some of the devastation wreaked by the Cyclone and to hear how your donations will make a real difference to people’s lives as they move forward.

Margaret Parr,  founding member of MACS, died peacefully on 19th July 2023.  


MACS grew out of Margaret’s love for Malawi as well as her vision and determination to continue to support people in the country she had worked in.  It was Margaret  who befriended Grafiud Tione while he was studying in the UK and he has been our representative in Malawi since the beginning 30 years ago. Countless people and organisations in Malawi have benefited and continue to do so from what Margaret started. 


In Matthew’s gospel, Jesus says: The kingdom of heaven is like yeast, which a woman took and mixed with half a hundredweight of flour till it was all leavened.   With the help of others, and with God’s blessing, Margaret’s vision has continued, like yeast, to grow through the work of MACS.  


On Thursday 14th September, there will be a memorial service of thanksgiving for Margaret’s life and work at 2pm in St John’s Church, Eastbourne, to which all are welcome. 


May she now rest in peace. 

Trustee's visit

In May three of the MACS' trustees visited Malawi. This was the first visit since covid.

Click on the photo to get a taste of their visit.



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Secondary School Support


Make a gift of 200 pencils for primary school children in Malawi for just £20

Meet the Trustees