Solar Power – Girl Power – Green Power

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Light up their future!

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MACS is seeking the remaining funds required to light up the future for the girls of St Michael’s Girls’ Secondary School, Malindi by provide back-up solar power for their study rooms and dormitories.

Generous donors have already provided over £6,000.

Will you help us to raise the outstanding £39,000 to finish the job?



MACS Supporters’ Day 2022


Saturday 24th September supporters met on line

The programme included speakers from Malawi


To see videos, reports and PowerPoints shown at the meeting click here

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Julie Lupton, Secretary of MACS, explains that MACS has recently changed to become MACS CIO with a new bank account. So that we can continue helping the people of rural Malawi, we would be very grateful if you would transfer your Standing Order to the new account as soon as convenient

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Tony Cox, chair of MACS, explains why MACS has changed into MACS CIO and what you should do if you donate to MACS with a Standing Order.

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Malawi Association for Christian Support

MACS  has been working in Malawi since 1993.  This lovely land is among the poorest ten countries in the world.  We work in partnership with local people on education, health and community projects in the rural areas, where the needs are greatest. People in the community work hard to contribute locally available materials.

Police OFFICER to Project  OFFICER

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To read the Church Times interview with MACS project officer Eileen Eggington click here.


Make a gift of 200 pencils for primary school children in Malawi for just £20

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MACS CIO is committed to protecting children and adults at risk from harm in the UK and Malawi. Our policy applies to all trustees and volunteers or anyone representing MACS CIO whether in the UK or overseas. For full details of our Policy click here