A.G.M. and Annual Supporters Day

19th September 2020


Because of covid-19 this years AGM and annual supporters day took place online using "ZOOM"

The meeting included interviews with Grafiud Tione and Timothy Phiri.

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Click on the picture to see a video about the 2020 solar appeal or read about it below.


MACS and Covid-19 in Malawi

As April 2nd 2021 marked the anniversary of the arrival of Covid-19 in Malawi the Ministry of Health and Population, announced that, in the first year, Malawi had recorded 33,647 cases including 1,120 deaths. Cumulatively, 220,174 tests had been conducted in the country and 157,581 doses of COVID-19 vaccine had been administered.


The relatively late appearance of the virus in Malawi had given MACS time to provide emergency grants of £2,000 each to the Chilema Lay Training Centre at Malosa and to each of the three Anglican boarding schools in the Dioceses of Lake Malawi and Upper Shire. This helped towards the loss of income from student fees when the government closed all educational institutions, leaving them with no means of paying the wages of support staff or charges for electricity and water. To the Anglican hospitals which, of course, remained open, there was £6,000 sent to pay for handwashing facilities, cleaning materials and PPE for St Luke’s and its eight health centres, St Martin’s Community Hospital and St Anne’s Nkhotakota and its three health centres.

+Mtekateka (1).jpg

Pupil at Bishop Mtekateka Secondary School using handwashing equipment

It has been reported that many families, faced with financial hardship created by the Covid emergency, have been tempted to arrange marriages for their teenage daughters, thus relieving the family of the responsibility for school fees. The Ministry of Gender Community Development and Social Welfare reports that over 13,000 cases of child marriages and 40,000 cases of teen pregnancies have been registered during the emergency. In the face of this situation MACS has maintained its support for girls’ education at St Michael’s Girls’ Secondary School, Malindi, at Malosa Secondary School and at Bishop Mtekateka Secondary School – as well as at Community Day Secondary Schools at Nkope and M’mangas at a total cost of almost £20,000 a year. It was a great encouragement when we heard that all 30 girls whom we supported were back at school when education resumed in October.

Coronavirus committee (1).jpeg
Malindi PPE (1).JPG

Covid Committee at St Anne's Hospital, Nkhota Kota

Pupils and Headmistress Rose Chikhambi wearing PPE purchased with MACS grant.


Santa Fun Run


For three years now the Year 7 pupils at Loughborough Grammar School have raised money to pay bursaries for pupils at Nkope Hill Community Day Secondary School at their annual Pantomime.  This year it was not possible to have an audience at the pantomime. Instead Year 7 boys were asked if they would run 5 km around the school field dressed as Santa.  This run as raised the magnificent total of £420 to pay bursaries for pupils in Malawi.

Thank you boys.


St Luke's Operating Theatre


One of the operating theatres in the new block at St Luke's Hospital, Malosa is now fully equipped and in use..


Why MACS has changed


Tony Cox, Chair of MACS explains why MACS has changed into MACS CIO.

We live in a litigious world. Until very recently I was being sued over a magazine I edited where, 9 years ago, I had printed a picture without acknowledging copyright. Last week I spoke to a friend whose charity – and thereby whose trustees – had been forced into a £30,000 pay-out over the injury to a spectator at a charity rugby match. Another friend had been forced to pay £40,000 after a former employee of the charity had taken them to an industrial tribunal. And I know of a Parochial Church Council that has been taken to court over an injury to a bell ringer. Until very recently all charity trustees and members of PCCs were personally liable for any debts or lawsuits incurred by their organization and it was becoming more and more difficult to recruit trustees who were willing to take these risks. Increasingly trustees were being chosen for their wealth not their wisdom.    


Under these circumstances, in 2013 the Charity Commission in England and Wales introduced a new form of charity known as a Charitable Incorporated Organization (CIO) under which trustees no longer have any personal liability. Charities have been encouraged to convert to a CIO with a new constitution based on a model provided by the Charity Commission. Over 17,000 charities have already made the change.  


MACS has now followed this path. With the approval of our supporters, we have set up a new charity known as the Malawi Association for Christian Support CIO, registered charity number 1188309.

The constitution of MACS CIO has exactly the same aims as the constitution of MACS and retains the obligation to report its finances and charitable activities to its supporters on an annual basis. It is also obliged to consult supporters on ways of developing the work of the Association. However, it does remove trustees from any personal liability and brings our constitution in line with modern methods, for example over making decisions by email or tele-conferencing.  It also limits formal membership to the trustees alone who are solely responsible for decision-making.

We have opened a new bank account and are gradually transferring funds to MACS CIO. Please take the opportunity to change the details on you Standing Orders so that MACS CIO can continue its work on behalf of the people who make Malawi the Warm Heart of Africa. (click here)

Easy Fundraising


It’s simple. All you have to do is to click on the link below and register Malawi Association for Christian Support  as the charity of your choice.  Then proceed to do your shopping via the Easyfundraising website.  Once you’ve paid for your goods, you will receive a notification saying how much has been given to MACS.   This will then be credited to our account. 




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So far we have raised over £1000 for MACS and could raise much more.  Only 35 people have so far registered their support for MACS. You could be the next one!