Gift List 2021-22

Please support our work by buying alternative presents for Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries. 

Your gift WILL make a difference.

Buy online by clicking the amount you would lke to give or download a hard copy and order form below

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Power to Malawi

Your donation will help to provide solar lighting/power for a classroom, clinic or staff house, adding several hours per day of usable time for study/work and charging for vital mobile phones.

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Help for students

MACS bursaries enable girls and boys from less well off families to attend secondary school. School staff committees choose the beneficiaries  and progress is monitored termly.

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Help for Hospitals and Health Centres

Help Hospitals and Health Centres with the day to day costs of providing for patients. This could include replacing worn out mattresses and bedding and providing small items of equipment.

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All gifts will be used to address immediate needs within your chosen category.  The examples listed below are an indication only of what could be purchased within each price band.

Help for Hospitals and Health Centres

£10 would buy a basic stethoscope, two digital thermometers or four pen torches

£20 would buy a blood pressure or blood oxygen monitor

£50 would buy a mattress or bedding for a child patient

Help for Students

£10 would pay for a term’s fees at a Community Day Secondary School

£20 would help towards the fees for a woman attending a home-craft management course at Chilema Ecumenical Training Centre  (fees for the whole course are currently £150)

£50 would help towards fees for one of the 46 students supported by MACS at one of the Anglican Secondary Schools (fees for one term are currently £120)

Power for Malawi

£10 would purchase a rechargeable head torch which would, for      example, benefit a school matron visiting a sick child at night or a  rechargeable lantern

£20 would contribute to a solar panel (10 of which make up a 300W panel)

£50 would provide lighting wiring for one room

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Gift List

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