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Lisungwi borehole

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A library for Chilema Ecumenical Centre

At Chilema MACS has converted a decrepit classroom into a Library. MACS has also supplied the furniture and has given a grant towards books.
Books are expensive in Malawi and many more will be needed.

Chilema library1.jpg

Desks for Mmanga Community Day School

MACS has commissioned the making of 65 desks and chairs for Mmanga Community Day Secondary School

Community led well drilling

MACS has partnered with Seedsower Trust to finance the materials and training for the digging of 10 bore holes.  In order to give the local community ownership of the project they are trained to construct the rig, drill the borehole and install the pump.Click here to learn more.

Bishop Mackenzie primary school Magomero 

Funds raised by the congregation of Haslingfield Link Church near Cambridge were sent to MACS by José Hopkins for books, globes and wall clocks to be bought for learners in this rural primary School. Our Representative Grafiud Tione, accompanied by the Diocesan Secretary Christopher Zambira, delivered these valuable resources to the Head Teacher Mike Gawanani who said, "We had a nice day when Mr Tione visited. We thank MACS and our friends at Haslingfield for supporting us us. These resources will improve lesson delivery for teachers and learners. We are enjoying very much. May God bless you always"

Church roof for St Francis Church, Kamala 

The parishioners in Kamala have worked hard to fund and build the walls of their new Church.


After Grafiud had checked the quality of the workmanship the MACS trustees have agreed to fund the building of the roof.  The work is now underway and should soon be completed. 

St Martins staff house
Refurbishment of Staff House at St Martin's Hospital, Malindi

St Martin’s Malindi Community Hospital, on the shores of Lake Malawi, has struggled to retain staff because of poor housing. MACS has funded the refurbishment of house No 11 which is almost ready for occupation by a nurse or medical assistant. You can see the transformation:




Nembere water pump
Nembere Borehole (002).jpg

A well has been drilled and a water pump has been installed at Nembere.  

The  work was completed by "Afripumps" using a  water drilling company based in Zomba.

This project was funded by Haslingfield Parish Church.

A letter of thanks received from Nambere is copied below.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to you and the entire board of MACS for the approval of a grant amounting to 3.5 million Malawian Kwacha which has made us to install a new beautiful and durable borehole at St Michael's Nembere in Magomero parish.


Be assured that, your assistance is greatly appreciated. It's timely response, previously people walked a long distance fetching safe water hence wasting time and energy that could have been used for other profitable developments.


This means that, the beneficiaries are both the Anglican Congregants and all surrounding villagers from different denominations. They are also relieved from different diseases that claim many lives when using unsafe water, such as cholera and other related risks. With Covid 19 pandemic this project will help us to prevent the same. We are very grateful, thanks so much, keep on helping. ZIKOMO KWAMBIRI.


For the effective use ;

The contractor has given us a guarantee of one year. The committee too was trained to identify faults and maintain when ever necessary


God bless you ! God bless MACS!



Fr Eddington Matendeu 

Parish priest 

New double classroom block at Mikanga

Mikanga School is situated in Ntchisi North West. .

Previously the school only taught years 1 to 6 so pupils had to travel to more distant schools for their final years of primary education. Following the construction by MACS of one double classroom block the school will start operating standard seven this academic year; however this still left the challenge of other classes learning under the trees which is not conducive during the hot and rainy season. So MACS has now constructed second double classroom block at Mikanga.

Mikanga3 PSB.jpg
160a. Mikanga new classroom.JPG
Mikanga2 PSB.JPEG
Malanga1 PSB.JPEG
Renovation of Hostels and Classrooms at
Chilema Ecumenical Centre

The Hostels and Classrooms at Chilema ecumenical training centre were in desperate need of renovation.  The doors are now repaired and everywhere has a new coat of paint.

IMG_4894 (002).jpg
IMG_4897 (002).jpg
IMG_4952 (002).jpg

Read what Nellie, one of the students, wrote:

Sopani renovation
Renovation of 5 classroom block at Sopani

The roof has blown off a five classroom block at Sopani Primary school.. MACS is going to renovate and re-roof the block.


Committee meeting under a tree but keeping social distance  because of COVID-19

completed block.jpg

Pupils sheltering from the rain on the veranda of the newly roofed block.


The walls have been completed and the block is  ready for re-roofing

Sopani Referb1.jpg

The renovated classroom block now looking like new

Sopani Rferb5.jpg
Sopani referb2.JPEG
Sopani referb4.jpg

Pupils are in the renovated classroom block.  they are taking covid-19 pricautions.

New double classroom block at Chakulanjala

Chakulanjala School is situated in Kanyendera village.  The school has a total enrolment of 746 learners of which 336 are boys and 411 are girls. Currently the school has eight teachers; seven are male and one lady teacher. The school has a good reputation for sending learners to secondary school but it had just seven dilapidated classrooms that were constructed some years back. Three years ago, communities around the school managed to construct a classroom block; however due to poor workmanship coupled with inadequate building materials the block was not put to use as it emerged to be more of a death trap.  MACS has funded and supervised the building of a new double classroom block.

The new block is now in use.

Chakulanjala PSB.jpg
Chakulanjala PSB2.jpg
M'Mangas teachers house
M'Manga Teacher's House

Primary School teacher  is delighted to move into the newly renovated teachers house at M'Mangas Primary School

Nkope water

Safe, chlorinated water is now flowing at the Health Centre, Secondary School, Primary School and staff houses at Nkope Hill Station.

Nkope water tank.JPG
Nkope Hill water system
Nkope Water (2).JPG

Water inlet bringing clean water from the Lake

Water tank on Nkope Hill

Water intake diagram.JPG
Magomero Teacher's House
Magomero Teacher's House 

A teacher's house at Magomero is now complete.

Double  classroom block and office at Mikanga Primary school

The new classroom block will a mean that Mikanga Primary School will be able to become a full primary school and teach up to grade 7.  Pupils will no longer have to travel 15 km if they are to complete their primary education.  

Many pupils will still be taught under the trees until the second block is complete.

Mattresses for St Michael's Secondary School, Malindi

MACS recently funded 200 new mattresses for girls at St Michael's Secondary School in Malindi. 


Headteacher Rose Chikhambi said, "On behalf of St. Michael's Girls Secondary School Teaching Staff, Support Staff, all girls and indeed on my own behalf, I would like to sincerely thank all trustees for buying the girls new brand  waterproof mattresses. These will motivate the girls and help the school in addressing some of its problems".

Trustees also received messages of thanks from four of the girls: Agnes, Evelyn, Martha and Pricilla. They said, "We are now sleeping more comfortably, our health is improving and our education is going on very well.

File 04-02-2020, 20 01 59.jpeg
Renovation of classroom block at  Nkanda Primary School

The renovation of a three room classroom block at Nkanda Primary school is now complete and the classrooms are now being used..

Solar pump for Nkope

A solar pump has been installed on a borehole at Nkope.  This will give the village a safe water supply when the water level in the lake is low.

Renovation of House No.6 at St Martins Hospital, Malindi

"St Martin's Mission Hospital at Malindi has a constant need for new houses to help with the motivation and retention of staff. The staff house No 6, built in the 1970's, was almost derelict, but the foundations and walls were strong. We are so pleased that our funds have helped to transform the house into a beautiful home for the Radiographer, Mr Paul Dzoole and his wife." 

Double Classroom Block at Sopani Primary School

The second of the six classroom blocks is now complete and being used by the pupils at Sopani Primary School.

Bicycles for Ordinands

On behalf of the four graduated students thus deacons Sandress Mganja and Lucius Manjawira (ADUS), Ordinands Lawrence Kambalame and Ganizani Carlos (ADSM), the two dioceses (ADSM and ADUS) and on my behalf would like to thank you and the entire MACS committee for the timely help given to our graduated students. Indeed their mobility is now eased and for sure, no one will say I didn't do pastoral work due to mobility issues. Once again, thank you very much for the support you always give us and I hope you are doing to do the same to the two students (Limbani Patrick-ADSM and Noel Phiri-ADNM) who will be graduating this coming October, 2022.

Once again, thank you very much for the support

Stay blessed,

Fr Charles Chiutu


Each year the ordinands from Leonard Kamungu Theological College are supplied with bicycles. This will assist them in visiting remote village churches.​

To qualify to have a bicycle they must attend a bicycle maintenance  course run by Africycle.

St Annes OT
St Anne's Hospital refurbishment

A generous legacy has been used to fund the realignment and refurbishment of the maternity wing and small operating theatre at St Anne’s Hospital in Nkhotakota. It is now in use.

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