Completed Projects
M'Manga Teacher's House

Primary School teacher  is delighted to move into the newly renovated teachers house at M'Mangas Primary School

Nkope Hill water system

Safe, chlorinated water is now flowing at the Health Centre, Secondary School, Primary School and staff houses at Nkope Hill Station.

Nkope water tank.JPG

Water tank on Nkope Hill

Nkope Water (2).JPG
Water intake diagram.JPG

Water inlet bringing clean water from the Lake

Water inlet bringing clean water from the Lake

Washing Machine for St Martin's, Malindi

A new industrial Scale washing machine has been installed at St Martin's Hospital, Malindi.

The washing machine is now fully functional at the hospital.

Washing machine being manhandled into position.

Plinth ready to receive the new washing machine.

Medical Assistants House at Nkope Hill

The Medical Assistant has moved into his new house built by MACS for Nkope Hill Medical Centre.

St Lawrence, Chimwala Church Roof

The parishioners of St Lawrence, Chimwala built the walls of their new church and then applied to MACS for assistance with the roof.

The parishioners of St Lawrence, Chimwala attending their newly roofed church.

Magomero Teacher's House 

A teacher's house at Magomero is now complete. They are waiting for the Government to send a new Headteacher, expected in January.

Renovation of classroom block at  Nkanda Primary School

The renovation of a three room classroom block at Nkanda Primary school is now complete and the classrooms are now being used..

Double  classroom block and office at Mikanga Primary school

The new classroom block will a mean that Mikanga Primary School will be able to become a full primary school and teach up to grade 7.  Pupils will no longer have to travel 15 km if they are to complete their primary education.  

Many pupils will still be taught under the trees until the second block is complete.

Mattresses for St Michael's Secondary School, Malindi

MACS recently funded 200 new mattresses for girls at St Michael's Secondary School in Malindi. 


Headteacher Rose Chikhambi said, "On behalf of St. Michael's Girls Secondary School Teaching Staff, Support Staff, all girls and indeed on my own behalf, I would like to sincerely thank all trustees for buying the girls new brand  waterproof mattresses. These will motivate the girls and help the school in addressing some of its problems".

Trustees also received messages of thanks from four of the girls: Agnes, Evelyn, Martha and Pricilla. They said, "We are now sleeping more comfortably, our health is improving and our education is going on very well.

File 04-02-2020, 20 01 59.jpeg
Solar pump for Nkope

A solar pump has been installed on a borehole at Nkope.  This will give the village a safe water supply when the water level in the lake is low.

Renovation of House No.6 at St Martins Hospital, Malindi

"St Martin's Mission Hospital at Malindi has a constant need for new houses to help with the motivation and retention of staff. The staff house No 6, built in the 1970's, was almost derelict, but the foundations and walls were strong. We are so pleased that our funds have helped to transform the house into a beautiful home for the Radiographer, Mr Paul Dzoole and his wife." 

Double Classroom Block at Sopani Primary School

The second of the six classroom blocks is now complete and being used by the pupils at Sopani Primary School.

Headmaster's house at Magomero

Project Office Eileen Eggington talking with Father Phatso Bango on the Khonde of the almost complete Headmaster's house at Magomero.