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A 20/20 vision for our Whole Planet

– and its Smallest Somebodies

Solar Power for three (more) Health Centres

£20,000 raised £20,000 (more) needed

THANKS to the generosity of MACS supporters, mothers and new-born babies are now assured of reliable electricity for lighting, refrigeration and oxygen concentrators at health centres at Kapiri, Liwaladzi and Chididi in the Diocese of Lake Malawi. But now we know that we must have a bigger ambition ………….

NOW we are seeking a further £20,000 to install solar panels in three more health centres, this time attached to St Luke’s Hospital, Malosa in the Diocese of Upper Shire.

The Big Picture

Recent figures suggest that Malawi lost 36 percent of its forest cover to firewood collection between 1972 and 2011, with all the implications for land degradation leading to lower productivity in the fields and silting up of the rivers, which, in the case of the Shire, should be providing hydroelectricity. It is a vicious circle which can only be broken by renewable energy - and, in Malawi, that must mean solar.

Land degradation 2.jpg
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The very small

.A woman in obstructed labour doesn't worry too much about climate change. Her big priority is a very small “somebody” – her baby struggling to be born.  By the end of February 2021, generous donors have enabled us to reach our target of £20,000 so that we can equip three rural health centres in the Diocese of Lake Malawi with the solar power that can make sure that every small arrival can be delivered in safety, day or night. But now we know that we must have a bigger ambition!

Click here to help us acheive our 20/20 vision for the very big and the very small in rural Malawi

Degraded land - Zomba plateau

Newborn 1.JPG

A safe delivery!

Great News: Progress so far

Reliable solar power units have been installed at 3 Health Centres attached to St Anne's Hospital, Nkhotakota.  We are so thankful to Grafiud and Oscar for getting these project completed so quickly.

great news
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