Current Projects
Palliative Care

For ten years now, Ndi Moyo clinic has been providing palliative care to patients suffering from HIV/Aids, cancer and other life- limiting conditions, and currently takes care of 330 patients and their families.   Committed to holistic, palliative care, they relieve suffering by supporting  patients in all the challenges of their daily lives. Based in Salima, they are a centre of excellence in the provision of palliative care for the whole country. Their services are free to all, and they rely totally on donations.

MACS is funding further training for one of  Ndi Moyo’s nurses, Anastasia, at  Hospice Africa Uganda

Kayoyo Classroom Block

A project to build a classroom block has just been started at Kayoyo School, Ntchisi. The foundations have been dug and the bricks are up to slab level. Fairly soon the community will bring more quarry stones for the concrete slab.

Headmaster's house at Magomero

Project Office Eileen Eggington talking with Father Phatso Bango on the Khonde of the almost complete Headmaster's house at Magomero.

Bicycles for Ordinands

Each year the ordinands from Leonard Kamungu Theological College are supplied with bicycles. This will assist them in visiting remote village churches.​

To qualify to have a bicycle they must attend a bicycle maintenance  course run by Africycle.

Chilema Ecumenical Centre

For many years MACS has supported THE WOMEN'S TRAINING PROGRAMME at Chilema Ecumenical Centre. This programme trains women from various areas country wide. Participants are generally women with some young women out of school. The training focuses in home craft management skills which cover all aspects of domestic science and technologies including basics in agriculture and food security, food and nutrition, health and sanitation, sewing, basic HIV/AIDS information, housing and home management, business management skills, bible knowledge, human behaviour and communication skills.

Each year MACS pays the fees for 10 women on this course.

MACS has also supplied teaching resources and equipment for the course.

Kingston Church



We are a group of four small rural parishes to the south of Lewes in East Sussex, running down the Ouse valley towards the sea at Newhaven.  We are in the new South Downs National Park, and the South Downs Way runs through our parishes.  Our churches date from the 13th, 11th, 12th and 10th centuries respectively !


Our contact with MACS dates back to 2009 when Bishop Donald Arden came to speak at a United service of Holy Communion at Iford.  Since then, whenever there is a fifth Sunday in the month, the collection at our United Service (plus Gift Aid) has gone to MACS.


To start with  we gave a total of £1,378 for mosquito nets.  Then from 2011-12 we raised  over £2,200 for bunk beds for Nkope school.  And since 2012 we have been supporting the Chilema project with with over £5,700.  In addition we had a spectacularly successful appeal for sewing and knitting materials for Chilema, which filled several cars, before being transported to Malawi by container.


We have been fortunate to have visiting speakers once a year at one of our United Services, following in Donald Arden’s footsteps:  Jane Arden, Bazil Arden, Richard Barton, Sally Huband, Eileen Eggington (twice) and Amanda Quince.  We also had a memorable tea party with Grafuid Tione in the garden of one of our churchwardens.  We are also fortunate in having Sally living quite close by at Plumpton, and she keeps us up-to-date with MACS news.


One of our speakers told us that giving is not just a one-way process:  we could learn as much from the people of Malawi as they receive from us.  And so it has proved over these ten  years.



Renovation of 5 classroom block at Sopani

The roof has blown off a five classroom block at Sopani Primary school..

 MACS is going to renovate and re-roof the block.

Committee meeting under a tree but keeping social distance  because of COVID-19

The walls have been completed and the block is  ready for re-roofing

Pupils sheltering from the rain on the veranda of the newly roofed block.

Current Projects

  1. Double Classroom block        Mikanga  Primary School  

  2. Double Classroom block        Chakulanjaa Primary School

  3. Double Classroom block        Msambaimfa Primary School  

  4. Double Classroom block        Kanthete Primary School

  5. Operating  Theater                 St Lukes Hospital, Malosa

  6. R​enovation of classrooms     Sopani Primary School

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